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Registration Day

Fraternity Camp

Day 1: TBC

Day 2: TBC

August 2024

Hall admission interview guaranteed for all participants


Things to Bring

  • Admission Letter

  • Money $3000 for various memberships, camp fees, etc

  • Pen and notebook

  • Umbrella ( In case of raining )

  • Identity Card with a hardcopy

  • Passport-size photos x 5 ~ 7

  • Water and some snacks ( In case the canteens will be so packed )


  • Please get all the Zone chops at the end of each zone, otherwise you cannot go hall tour!

  • Please have some food before coming.

  • Be aware of the clashed schedule between different orientation activities you applied. 

  • Check the refund policies listed in the notice carefully. And remember to keep all the receipts which might help when requesting refund.

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