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Ricci Hall, situated at 93 Pok Fu Lam Road, is one of the oldest residential halls at the University of Hong Kong. It is a boys only hall, with great history and deep heritage.

Ricci Hall Residence was officially opened on 16th December 1929 and was established as a residence for students of the University of Hong Kong by the Jesuit Fathers. Situated on Pokfulam Road, the Hall was a beautiful old style building with wonderful unobstructed view of the harbour.

It was mainly meant to accommodate Catholic students who came from the Wah Yans, La Salle and St. Joseph' colleges.

Matteo Ricci was chosen as the Patron of the Hall. He is a Jesuit Father famous for his efforts to bring the West to China and China to the West. He is revered for his learning, for initiating a dialogue of cultures and for his knowledge of Chinese literature and philosophy.

In early 1960 it was decided that Ricci Hall was too small and should be rebuilt. On the 8th December 1967, the new Ricci Hall was officially opened.



In Ricci Hall we live together, strive together for our common goal. Through this process, we improve together and commit to each other to build up a unique kind of lifelong Brotherhood.

Ricci Spirit

Unity - Loyalty - Sacrifice
We believe that these three elements of Ricci Spirit are the fundamentals to build up Brotherhood.

Riccian Character

By participating in sports, cultural and hall activities, students in Ricci Hall improve and strengthen in character through the pursuit of Ricci Spirit, Ricci Motto, and values inherited from generations to generations.

Ricci Motto

Quantum potes tantum aude.
As much as you are able that you should dare to do.
汝為君子儒 無為小人儒


 Mr. Lee Chu-ming, Martin (Left) & Mr. Leung Tin-kei, Edward (Right)

Once a Riccian, Always a Riccian

Since its establishment in 1929, Ricci Hall has provided leaders for all society. It was in this Hall that our old boys learnt their most treasured values, values of commitment, toughness, responsibility and brotherhood.

Once... Always... is how the Riccian is perceived

This concept is rooted in our hearts and is based in the brotherhood and loyalty developed while at Ricci Hall. Through the decades, Riccians have always kept in contact with current residents and this linkage will never be broken.

Light the road ahead

Many of our graduates are leading figures in various fields of society. In different occasions, such as high table dinners or the reunion ball, our old boys will return to share their experiences with the current Riccians. It has always been an enjoyable time for the current Riccians to learn from their success stories. It is also heartwarming that our old boys can always share their memories as residents in Ricci Hall decades ago. The current Riccians are always delighted by their jokes and their interesting student lives.

Lifelong Community

Lifelong Community

Prominent Old Boys

Prominent Old Boys

陳岡  Dr. John Tan Kang- Former Principal, Wah Yan College, Kowloon

陳帆  Mr. Frank Chan Fan- Secretary for Transport and Housing, HKSAR

張永霖 Mr. Linus Cheung Wing Lam - Ex-Chairman, Asia Television Limited

莊陳有 Mr. Chong Chan Yau - Director of Student Development, the University of Hong Kong

方津生 Dr. David Fang Jin Sheng - Prominent orthopaedic surgeon

方心讓 Prof. Harry Fang Sin Yang - Prominent orthopaedic surgeon

馮志強 Mr. Bosco Fung Chi Keung - Former Director, Planning Department, HKSAR

何鴻燊 Dr. Stanley Ho Hung Sun - Chairman, Shun Tak Group

何文匯 Prof. Richard Ho Man Wui - Founding principal of CUTW Community College

許冠傑 Mr. Sam Hui Koon-kit - Prominent Singer, Actor and Composer

林中麟 Mr. Bill Lam Chung Lung - CEO of Urban Renewal Authority

林祖輝 Mr. Lam Cho Fai - Prominent Artist

李柱銘 Mr. Martin Lee - Founding Chairman (1994- 2002), the Democratic Party, Hong Kong

林雲峰 Prof. Bernard Lim Wan Fung - President of Hong Kong Institute of Architects (2006)

林子剛 Mr. Thomas Ling Chi Kong - Former Architects Registration Board Chairman

吳錦祥 Dr. Stephen Ng Kam Cheung - Doctor, Specialist in Rehabilitation

伍步謙 Dr. Ng Po Him - Chairman, Wing Lung Bank

蘇澤光 Mr. Jack, So Chak Kwong - Chairman of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council

蘇中平 Mr. Norman, So Chung Ping - Former Principal, Wah Yan College, Kowloon

孫明揚 Mr. Michael Suen Ming Yeung - Former Secretary for Education, HKSAR

施祖祥 Mr. Michael Sze Cho Cheung - Former Chairman, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council

唐叔賢 Mr. David Tong Shuk Yin - Deputy President of City University of Hong Kong

謝孝衍 Mr. Aloysius Tse Hau Yin - Past President of Hong Kong Society of Accountants

黃澤恩 Dr. Greg Wong Chak Yan, JP - Past President of Hong Kong Institute of Engineers

黃霑  Dr. James Wong Jum Sum - Prominent Lyricist and composer

黃宏發 Mr. Andrew Wong Wang Fat - President, Hong Kong Legislative Council (1995-1997)

鄔維庸 Dr. Raymond, Woo Wai Yung - Past National People's Congress local deputy

余叔韶 Mr. Patrick Yu Shuk-siu - The first local Chinese Crown Counsel

阮世生 Mr. James Yuen Sai Sang - Prominent Director

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