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Gong Fight

This function has lasted since several decades ago. Every year we have the Gong Fight with Lady Ho Tung Hall as a traditional joint-hall function. Freshmen Captain and Vice Freshmen Captain lead their fellow freshmen to capture the Gong of Lady Ho Tung Hall.

The legend goes that the Gong is to signify supper time in Lady Ho Tung Hall. Several decades ago, some naughty Riccians secretly moved the Gong from Lady Ho Tung Hall to Ricci Hall, after that year, this mission became a traditional function. Every lady in Lady Ho Tung Hall will prepare thousands of water bombs to welcome the brothers from Ricci.

Reunion Ball

The Reunion Ball of Ricci Hall is one of the most formal, traditional social functions. It was first held in the 1960s. In organising such a grand, splendid, spectacular two-hundred-thousand-dollar function, Riccians develop themselves through a whole year of preparation. The challenges encountered in organizing the Reunion Ball prove to contribute a lot to Riccians’ brotherhood and maturity.

Champion Day

Champion Day is an occasion to share the achievements of our hallmates. Hallmates are rewarded in terms of sports, cultural and service contribution for hall. Celebrities are invited to present prizes to Riccians. Smile, tear, excitement, encouragement and warmth are everywhere on this day.

Dragon Boat Race

During every Tuen-Ng Festival Riccians take part in the Dragon Boat Race. This is a traditional and important Hall function and a very good opportunity for all hallmates to relax after their examinations in May. After the race, every Riccian will jump into the water to have a Tuen-ng swim.

High Table Dinner

The high table dinner is an English college tradition. This regular formal occasion of Ricci Hall, as part of our hall education, honorable guests are invited to the dinner to deliver thought-provoking speeches. To respect the occasion, Riccians are all in formal dressing. Associate Members will also join the feast.


Social Gathering

The Ricci Hall Social Gathering is an annual informal social function held by the freshmen. A tailored theme for the programme is decided every year. Throughout this dancing party, you may meet people from all walks of life. Indeed, it is a golden chance for Riccians to develop their talent, manner and social skills.

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